Scroll down and you´ll notice the footer on this site does not have 4 widget columns as the default Divi

Besides… not all the columns have the same width!

With Engined, you can choose your custom footer layout from 1 to 5 columns (even asymmetrical layouts), set custom width ratios for the footer columns, or even adjust the spacing between columns:


And, of course, you can set your own custom colors, paddings, font sizes, bullets…


Have you noticed that the footer bottom of this site is centered?

With Engined, you can also customize many other things like the size or colors of your social icons, or even add icons not included in Divi (Youtube, Instagram, Skype… and more)



Your footer credits can also be customized via the WordPress Customizer. Change your texts, links, font sizes, colors, separating bullets or characters… the whole lot!