Customize your Divi sliders

without even looking at any single line of code

Customize your Fullwidth Sliders

With Engined you can add backgrounds to the slider title and content separately, control sizes, paddings and positions, customize the slider button…

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Customize the slider height

With Engined you can customize the height of your sliders to any value you wish. You can also modify the vertical position of the slide title and content. And you do it all without messing with any code at all.

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Customizing a slider height it´s never been so easy

This is a much shorter slider

And it only took a couple of minutes to make it this way!

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Responsiveness has been taken into account

With Engined you can even choose the screen sizes for which you want your custom slider height to be applied.

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You´ve just seen two sliders that have been customized separately, even on the same page

It´s that easy!